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Terms & Conditions

Effective from 1 July 2024

Welcome to Playsports! We hope that being part of our community enriches both you and your child’s lives, fostering wonderful friendships, creating beautiful memories and providing lots of fun. Participation in Playsports’ classes is subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are designed to clarify the rights and obligations of both Playsports and members for the understanding and enjoyment of all.

Money Back Guarantee

You are entitled to a full money back guarantee within your first month of classes. This allows your child to trial Playsports for a full month without pressure to engage before they are ready. It is important for children to be affirmed in their decision to say no to engaging in play before they can say yes with any meaning. If, for any reason during the first month you decide that Playsports is not a good fit for your child then please email and we will terminate your enrollment and send a full refund back to your nominated credit card or bank account within 7 days.

Parent Involvement

Parents are not required to participate in the classes but must remain nearby at all times. Coaches are not licensed to care for children without parental or guardian supervision. Please be on hand if your child needs a quick reassuring cuddle. For children who are new to our program, or for children who are particularly shy, it may be helpful for parents to stay close to their child at the start of the lesson as they develop a connection with the coach. Please follow the coaches lead as they try to establish a connection. The coach will do their best to help the child to feel safe and give them opportunities to engage as they are ready.


Playsports membership is $80 per month. This enrols your child into their nominated weekly class. Membership is renewed every month on the first day of the month.

Sibling Discount

A family with more than one sibling enrolled will receive a 25% discount for every subsequent sibling enrolled. So $80 per month for the first child and $60 per month for subsequent siblings.


When you first enrol in a class you will be charged for only the remaining sessions of the month. Your next payment date will then be the first day of the next month. All memberships will be created as direct debit memberships from a nominated credit card or bank account. Payments will be processed monthly in advance. Debits will be ongoing until notice is given in writing to that you would like to cancel their membership. You can update payment details through the Playsports members portal.

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Unenrolled Siblings

Siblings of enrolled students are encouraged to watch from the sidelines. The coach may decide to include them in elements of the class if they feel it will be beneficial to their enrolled sibling and the class in general. This is at the coaches discretion and will often not be possible. Siblings can come up at the end of the class to say hi and get an encouragement stamp. This can be a way for younger siblings to feel included before they are old enough to join properly.

Timetable Changes

Class timetables are subject to change. We will try to maintain consistency as much as we can but in some instances changes are required due to fluctuations in demand, or classes ‘ageing up’ (moving from a 30-minute to 45-minute sports class). Any change will be clearly communicated and reasonable notice will be given before any changes take effect.

Wet Weather

We do our best to provide an indoor venue in the event of wet weather. When we go indoors, we will let members know the new location via sms as soon as possible. In the unlikely event we cannot secure an indoor venue, classes for that day will be cancelled and refunded.

Make-Up Classes

If your child is unable to attend a class please let us know by clicking ‘unable to attend’ on the relevant class in your Playsports Portal. This will automatically credit you with a voucher for a make-up class. Make-up classes are subject to availability and can be booked in for any available and age appropriate class in addition to your normal booking. You are entitled to one make up voucher per month and it will be valid for 3 months from issue.


From time to time your child may be photographed or videoed whilst undertaking a Playsports class. These images might be shared to Playsports social media or used on our website. By enrolling with Playsports you consent to such use. Parents are not to take videos or photographs that include other children in the class without the permission of that parent/guardian. If you do not wish your child to be included in any media please email and we will ensure they are not included in any photos or video. We are committed to respecting the privacy of all participants and obtaining consent before using any images or videos.


Refund Policy
Aside from the initial month money back guarantee we do not offer any other refunds for situations outside of our control such as holidays, sickness or change of mind. In certain circumstances, such as injury or extended sickness, we may offer credits towards future classes. Please email to organise a suitable arrangement.

Health and Safety

Playsports prioritises the safety and well-being of all participants. Our coaches conduct daily inspections of the class environment to identify and mitigate any potential hazards. Additionally, we adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that class activities are conducted in areas safely distanced from roads and open water. While we take every reasonable precaution, parents are reminded of the importance of maintaining supervision over their children at all times during classes to further ensure their safety.



Children are able to play with or without footwear at the parents discretion however shoes may be necessary if there are green ants in the area or during summer when bindii weed is around. Any comfortable clothing is acceptable at parents discretion. Superheroes, dinosaurs, diggers & princess dresses are all popular choices!


Sun Exposure

During summer we try to set up in a way that lets us stay in shade as much as possible. We run tennis and athletics during the hottest months as they are easiest to restrict to shady patches. We are unable to remain in shade the whole time though and sunscreen and wide brim hats are recommended - especially in summer.


If you believe that your child has a contagious illness please take advantage of our make up policy by clicking ‘unable to attend’ on the classes date in your Playsports Portal and rescheduling their class when they are well again.

Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition that may affect their engagement in classes then please email so we can discuss how best to manage this and provide the best possible environment for your child to succeed and have fun in a safe manner.

What to Bring Along

Hat, shoes, water bottle, a parent/guardian to cheer from the sidelines …we’re all set!

Playsports Portal

Please use the Playsports portal to:

  • Enrol in classes

  • Join wait lists

  • Let us know your child will be absent from classes

  • Book make-up classes

  • Manage payments

All Other Communication

We use email as our primary mode of communication and SMS for anything that is time sensitive such as class time changes, location changes or cancellations. If you have any questions at all please click contact email and we will be in touch. We are also contactable through our facebook and instagram pages.

Feedback and Complaints

Please don’t hesitate to reach out through email or social media if you have any questions, concerns or feedback, be it positive or negative, as we want to continue to grow and provide the best possible environment for our kids to thrive.

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